For sustainable growth

Sustainable and accurate administrative duties such as bookkeeping, payroll and submission of tax returns are an important cog in the works but does not tangibly add value to the client over the medium to long term. We have ensured an innovative and unique ways to interact with our clients, while focussing primarily on limiting their overall tax exposure, continue sustainability and increase their passive income stream.

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Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful.

- Albert Schweitzer -

Continuous sustainability

Key factors for success

Getting the protection you need
The greatest factor in South Africa that has a direct impact on the sustainability of your active- and passive income streams are government and changes to tax legislation enforced by SARS. It has become a priority in past years to be prudent regarding your administrative duties to SARS and government, in addition an even heavier burden has now been placed on the taxpayer and it has become far more important to protect yourself legally against unfair treatment and misinterpretation of law.

Accurate financial data

Knowing where you stand
Very few truly perceive that their total tax exposure through direct and indirect taxes could be as high as +50% of total income earned and to work daily without taken these facts into consideration will leave you with limited passive income streams for the future. The active income streams, depending on the type of income you earn, could be high risk and these income streams could also yield high rewards. These income streams should be legally protected from over exposure and be tax savvy, while we investigate medium to long terms aspects to ensure that asset wealth (medium term and medium risk) and personal passive income (long term and minimum risk) is increased and achieved.

Passive income maximisation

Short term goals

Maximise active income sources
The process to increase passive income is a medium to long term goal that is achieved by maximising active income streams. It is vitally important that your business achieve it’s short- to medium term goals and thereby it ensures and maximised your future financial needs and requirements.

The roadmap

Growing passive income portfolio
No business owner wants to work into impunity and not see any financial reward for their effort. We ensure that a road map is setup and that your financial portfolio is ever increasing through the process, thereby enabling you to maximise your passive income stream for the future.

Tax structure for future growth

Limiting tax exposure

Looking to the future
This service offered to our business clients are entirely unique in this industry as we evaluate our client’s tax exposure on a regular basis, while taking into consideration future tax laws and amendments, and look at the overall tax exposure of every client and group in its entirety. This method of evaluation enables us to navigate the way forward during the financial year and ensure that we can accurately determine the clients tax exposure during the tax year and not after the tax year had ended.

Mitigating tax risk

Low risk – High complianc
This unique approach has enabled us to ensure that the client’s tax exposure is minimised during the tax year and that the structure becomes tax savvy from the outset, which leads to more funds being utilised for future aspirations and ensuring the correct and legal amount of taxes are being paid to SARS.

Financial analysis & projection

Sustainable results

Making data-driven decisions
We believe that financial analysis and projection should lead to sustainable results. In many instances’ clients had requested business plans and financial analysis for possible investor support or loans applications without success. It is a fact that cash is king, and, in many instances, certain clients want to grow quickly and achieve unobtainable goals. Through many years’ experience we have seen how slow and sustainable growth has led to great rewards. There is no quick-rich-scheme out there and the “old gold rush effect” has also happened in the current days to cryptocurrency-craze, “new” venture capital companies (VCC) and the like.

Continuous improvement

Fine-tuning everything, consistently
Financial analysis and projection should be done continuously (even monthly) and must achieve sustainable active income streams over a wide spectrum for the goal to maximise future passive income generation. Money/income is liquid, and it should be channelled in the right way. We will ensure that your short to medium terms goals will be achieved through active participation through the process and that financial analysis and projections are used as confirmation of achieving your goals.

People who achieve their goals do so with passion, planning, persistence and purpose

- Linda Field -