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Business hub is focusing on business clients of any size and corporate groups. Our services include general services within our industry of expertise such as bookkeeping, drafting financial statements, external audits, payroll duties, company registrations and a wide range of tax returns within various tax fields that must be submitted to SARS.

Kindly go to our services page (within quotation platform) for a wide range of services and prices relating to each. We had become specialist and industry leaders within the corporate structure- and financial administration field.

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PBO registrations

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Process leads to success
PBO is a specialised field and the process of registration is cumbersome and could take a fair amount of time to be finalised if the taxpayer wants to take on the task themselves. Not only is the registration process a daunting task for a first comer, but the admin and legal requirements cannot be researched entirely on the web-environment.

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Cloud and membership access


You are in control
The times have changed greatly during the past 5 years or so and we have always believed that full transparency is key. Therefore, the client must have full access to their entire profile via membership platform and that processes/tasks can be followed from beginning to end.

We are secure in the knowledge that our services offered to clients are superior and have therefore will grant members access to our own private profiles, wherein various articles, service requests, payment portal, cloud document access (including accounting and payroll) and task movement (from allocation to finalisation) can be viewed.

The client portal is currently in development phase and will be rolled out within the next 2 months. We will continue to grant more access to clients on an ongoing basis and create a unique and user-friendly environment where all the financial details can be viewed within an integrated platform.



Be miles ahead
We have partnered with various stakeholders, which bring their own specialised services and products to the table. The saying “jack of all trades and master of none” are true in every sense of the word and we therefore have partnered with those that adhere to the same standard of service excellence and professionalism while adding to the full scope of services that are unique in every regard. These relationships had been built up over several decades and has added greatly to our client’s portfolios. We have combined our specialised services and products with those in other fields of expertise that has added great value to our own and versa visa.

Importing and exporting


Expand your orisons
The myriad processed within the importing and exporting field within various sectors had become part of our services offerings over the past few years and we specialise in dealing with customs and excise matters from registrations to site audits and the like.

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