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Company Profile

Fidato was founded from a simple idea to give the client the best service and support possible, while adding value to the client which can be financially proven and substantiated. Our approach was first to secure and protect the client from overexposure in the tax field, where the other side of the coin would be introducing the most advantageous business structure to achieve this goal. Over the years our services migrated further into estate planning, PBO structures, imports and exports, wholesale, retail, manufacturing and the like. Our expanded services have always focused more and more on tax planning and tax structures, where we first started from, thereby ensuring that the client’s asset portfolio will grow, and more time is spending on quality of life than working where there is no end in sight. We have achieved our goals repeatedly.


About Our Organization

Our Vision

Fidato is "Called to Lead". We've walked the talk for decades with our clients and ever-chaning tax legislation, our vision is our calling, and we are called to lead.

Our Mission

Leading clients into financial peace of mind, guiding clients to freedom through unencumbered passive income generation and maintaining industry leader status is what drives us.

Our Values

Trust. Focus. Integrity. Accuracy. Teamwork. Consistency. Excellence. Servant-Leadership. This is who we are and what we stand for.


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